Oliver's Christmas List
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This is a story about a Christmas List and boy with a very long list.

His parents tell him about young kids that will not get a new toy or game this Holiday Season. Surprised to learn this, Oliver decides to make his Christmas List a little shorter and buy some toys and games for other kids without a lot.

Along the way Oliver and his cat Timmy discover more about those without a lot and the joy that comes from giving.

This story can be viewed as an animated video with narration or read online.  A print version is available at Amazon.com.



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Picture book: 6” by 9”

Soft cover: 32 pages (500 words)

Age Level: 3 to 10 years

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These are the people that helped create Oliver's Christmas list.


AUTHOR: Roger Best

Roger is an Emeritus Professor of Business at the University of Oregon. He has published a variety of academic articles, three books and has a patent. While starting out as an engineer at GE, Roger spent his career as teacher, researcher and marketing consultant. Roger has a BS in Electrical Engineering, MBA and PhD. in Business

ILLUSTRATOR: Laura Emilia Garcia Martinez

Laura is a free lance illustrator and photographer. Laura has worked as a graphic designer and industrial engineer for several companies as well as a professional photographer. A special talent that those looking for an children’s book illustrator should consider.

NARRATOR: Devon Allen

Devon is head of Acting at Portland State University, professional actor and director. She holds BFA and MFA and a Certificate in Acting from Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (London). A special thanks to Anwyn Willet, (Audio Engineer, Portland State University) who did the audio recording for this book.

ANIMATION: Oliver Best

Oliver is a freelance graphic designer and photographer. He’s also the son of author Roger and the Oliver the book is roughly based on.


Oliver’s Christmas List is a story by Roger Best. But, the story is bought to life with the illustrations of Laura Garcia, a special talent. Many others helped to shape this story and deserve a special thank you.

My Children’s Story Telling mentor, Lory Britain provided the basics and guidelines for writing a children’s book. Amy Buntin, story teller and kindergarten teacher added key edits and a kids social learning perspective. Ek Ongkar Khalsa, provided insights, edits and re-writes that enhanced the story. My daughter, Mary Roane, provided a kids point of view and added fun and kid language to the story. Finally, no book can be written without encouragement and excellent proof reader, Robin Best, my wife.

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Story Discussion Guidelines

For teachers, parents and grandparents who would like to discuss the story we have provided separate   discussion guides this story for kids under 6 and 6 to 10. Each PDF is only one page.